The Program

The significance of water resources

Water is not a commercial product like any other but, rather, a heritage which must be protected, defended and treated as such. Waters in Greece and worldwide are under increasing pressure from the continuous growth in demand for sufficient quantities of good quality water for all purposes. In order to meet these requirements it is necessary to endorse a rational development and management policy for augmenting the supply of water in adequate quantity and quality. However, this policy must be in compliance with sustainable development principles, such as water conservation and reuse, prevention of further deterioration and protection and enhancement of the status of aquatic ecosystems and wetlands, promotion of sustainable water use, based on a long-term protection of available water resources, enhancement of protection and improvement of the aquatic environment through specific measures for the progressive reduction of discharges, emissions and losses of priority substances and the cessation or phasing-out of discharges, emissions and losses of the priority hazardous substances.>/p>

An interdisciplinary approach is a prerequisite for achieving these goals. Not only in terms of an integrated investigation of quantitative and qualitative aspects of water management but also by addressing related policies (e.g. energy and agriculture), using appropriate tools (e.g. economic) and enhancing and facilitating the active involvement of stakeholders.

Such an integrated approach can be performed by engineers, scientists and administrators of a suitable profile, which embeds expertise knowledge within a broader interdisciplinary background, able to provide viable solutions to technical and managerial problems and promote research in relevant fields. It is the ambition of the postgraduate course “Water Science and Technology” to meet this challenge.