The Program

The scope of the IPPS and the NTUA contribution

The growing demand for fresh water resources in combination with their irregular spatial and temporal distribution often leads to problems with important social and economic consequences. The contamination of water bodies and the degradation of water quality occurring by human activities aggravate the problems even further and make them very difficult to solve. Consequently, a high priority is placed in many countries on the protection of available water resources and the effective development, design and management of water resource systems. The protection and use of water resources is an important priority at the national level but it has wider international implications as well.

In order to address successfully the growing problems related to water protection and management, it is necessary to provide further education to engineers and scientists, who specialize in water science and technology and to promote researching related scientific fields. Since the problems regarding the science and technology of water resources are very complex they require an interdisciplinary approach. This need led to the creation of the Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Study (IPPS) at NTUA with the title “Water Resources Science and Technology (WRST)” with the support of the scientific personnel and using the technical infrastructure of the National Technical University of Athens.